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Itscassie Video 0018

Ketchup packets?

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted January 28th, 2007
Description The order is panicking, but I'm not sure why. However, I did hear them mention some things about Jonas. Someone new moved into the house, and I stole some of their belongings.

The deacons took my stitches out. My wrist looked pretty gross, but I promise I'll show you what they did soon enough.

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Investigating is the eighteenth video in the itscassie series. Cassie steals a purseful of belongings, and attempts to hear a conversation apparently about Jonas.


(Mysterious music plays as we see Cassie unwrap her bandages. She massages her arm. Cut to Cassie peeking around a corner, as she puts a finger in front of her lips in a "hush" gesture. She listens with her ear against a wall.)

Cassie: I've been listening in all day. Something must have happened. I know it's not likely, but I'm gonna go see if they'll tell me anything.

(Cassie opens her door and goes out into the hall. There is no audio (other than the music), but from her body language and head movements, it appears she is talking with someone out of camera view. She backs into her room. The music changes to something more upbeat and jazzy.)

Cassie: (seems amused) They did not like me out there. (laughs) I did manage a little something.

(In the dark, Cassie can be seen opening a duffel bag. She pulls out a purse covered in sequins.)

Cassie: Object number one: glittery bag? Not really my style, but I'll look at it anyway.

(She rifles through the bag and pulls out a small case, commenting on it, but there is no audio. She pulls out some money.)

Cassie: Nothing in here but a two-dollar bill.

(She pulls out a wallet and searches it, apparently finding nothing. She pulls out a small rectangular object and holds it up, looking confused.

Cassie: Who carries around ketchup packets in their purse?

(She pulls out a piece of paper, appears to read it, and then motions for a second as if she is about to hold it up to the camera, changes her mind and stuffs it into her pocket. The angle chages to show her hands digging through the contents of the bag. She moves around clothing and a plastic bag, and then looks into the camera.)

Cassie: It's pretty much all clothes and underwear.

(The video speeds up. She pulls out a VHS tape, examines it, and sets it aside. She pulls out some sort of journal, fans through a few pages, and then sets it aside as well. She pulls out a book that has a lock on it, fiddles with the lock for a few moments, but seems unable to open it, and sets it aside. She zips up the bag)

Cassie: At least now I have some new reading material. And don't think I'm not gonna watch this tape. (She holds up the VHS and smiles) Now it's time to gently lean the bag against the door and pretend like I never even saw it.

(She opens her door and sets the bag outside in the hall. The background sound goes back to the mysterious music.)

Cassie: Well, Bree, I couldn't make out everything they were saying, but I think you should be asking yourself, "How well do I really know Jonas?" (Cut to extreme closeup of Cassie's closed eye) I think he's keeping something from you. (Her eye opens)

(Fade to black)

Jonas: (Voiceover clip from For The Ladies) Weird coincidence.


  • Two-dollar bills are not commonly-used currency. It's perhaps even stranger that the person who owned that bag was carrying only a two-dollar bill.
  • Morse code N shown -.

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