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This page is dedicated to listing all the music featured in the LG15 videos. The pieces are organized in chronological order according to the blog in which they were featured. It provides links to the artists' pages and to the songs themselves whenever available.

Season 1

Vlog Song Artist
First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails Crazy Gnarls Barkley
Purple Monkey Son Soo (Treatment) Victor
School Work in Summer... BLECHH!!! Working for the Man Roy Orbison
Grillz feat. Danielbeast, LG15, P. Monkey, and O'n. Grillz Nelly
Daniel Returns, and More Interesting Factoids (Yay!) Like a Sunrise (bliss remix) (YouTube)
Zipper and Jeans (Revver)
shockshadow (YouTube)
Harlan T Bobo (Revver)
Proving Science Wrong! (YouTube) The Night Has a Thousand Eyes Paul Desmond
My Parents... Let Us Go Hiking!!! Brilliant Daze (Days Are Confused mix) Beat Gorilla

Lisa Debenedictis

He Said, She Said Good Morning Pitx
My Lazy Eye (and P. Monkey gets Funky!) Promiscuous Nelly Furtado
Proving Science Wrong... with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15 The Truth MAUF ([1])
The Tolstoy Principle (and Dad "talks" to Daniel) Office Suite Part I (YouTube)
The Bandit (Revver)
The Matthew Show (YouTube)
Starlight Mints (Revver)
Daniel The Neanderthal Remained (YouTube)
Leave Me Alone (Revver)
MC Jack in the Box (YouTube)
SPY (Revver)
Mysteries of My Past... REVEALED! Razor Sharp (Hyper Hood Mix) Beat Gorilla
A Peace Offering (and P. Monkey Boogies) All OK Something For Rockets
Swimming! Junkie The Jane Doe's
Bree The Cookie Monster Nothin' Pretty (link to music video) New Professionals
I'm Going to the Party! Mercurial Girl Five Star Fall
House Arrest Window Jacqueline Nassar
In The Park All I Want Jude
What's A Date? Don't Be Like The Sun Lemon Demon
My First Kiss Hooray for Love David Baerwald
Learning To Drive Shug's Theme Scott Bomar
The Equinox Kissy Face Harlan T Bobo
My Helper Entrance of the Gladiators Julius Fučík
Daniel Crossed The Line Between 2 Floors Five Star Fall
Zodiac of Denderah Look and Feel Years Younger (Vega Vege Remix) (Radio Edit) Deshita a.k.a Vega Vege
Aleister Crowley Reworked Out Fine MC Jack in the Box
The Ceremony Is Tomorrow :) Up In The Hills One Block Radius
Where's Daniel? Juan Manuel Fangio Daniele Torelli
Proving Longitude Wrong The Wanderer SPY
What Makes Us Sad? Wondering Where You Are Tyrone Wells
Life's Not Fair Passenger Love Arcade
Horrid Flatmates Under the Table (Remix) Scott Bomar
On The Run I Will Light You On Fire Golden Shoulders
Motel Pool Dust Titles
Exploring The Motel Bach Violin Concertos Lara St. John
Man In The Suit Save Me The Napoleon Blown Aparts
Breakfast In Bed The Spirit of 78 Golden Shoulders
My Name Is Jonas The Chosen The Psychokinetics
Fleeing The Watcher Bring Down the Stars and Something About Eve Falling You
Bored At Home Magnified Very Large Array
An Awkward Silence Jungle Juice Unknown Artist
Date With P. Monkey The tale of room Ehren Starks
Thanksgiving You Are The Reason C. Layne
Ransacked! Friends and Family Golden Shoulders
Daniel Is Right Perfect Place Very Large Array
Homeless Believe Me Golden Shoulders
Warwalking Stay Evil Mountain Mirrors
The Anti-Cribs A Rhyming Dictionary The Seldon Plan
Back Home Fire John Jackson
Back At Bree's Guitar Theme Scott Bomar
Bree Phone Home A Cup Of Blue Steve Watkins
Skateboarding Neophilia Rebel Rebel
Breaking And Entering Mystro Soul Instrumental Mystro
Roadtrip Sonny The Napoleon Blown Aparts
The Unthinkable Happened To Thee We Sing (Rachmaninov) Kyiv Chamber Choir
Bree's Dad Is Dead Bless The Lord, O My Soul Kyiv Chamber Choir
Purple Monkey Returns Earthwish On Saturn Jade Leary
Foosball Post Ya Pellas (Kongamato Remix) DJ Kryptide
Truth Or Dare Over It Katharine McPhee
Time To Grow Up This Is A Test Golden Shoulders
Investigating Pins and Pints She Looks Like You Arthur Yoria
Foosball Battle William Tell Overture Gioacchino Rossini
Looking For Daniel Unknown Unknown
The Human Ransom What time is it? (Tachyon Theme) Glenn Rubenstein
Watch This! Trioxidation Bjorn Fogelberg
Yellow Snow Golden Rules Golden Shoulders
Snow Angels Pennies and a Picture High, Meek, & Mighty
How Dumb Am I? Truth Has Failed Love Equals Death
Beach Bum I'm Alive Nova Express
On The Hot Seat Without Warning Beight
Uncle Dan (D-Bone Remix) Superhero Song Beight
Alex Is... "Für Elise" Composed by Beethoven, interpreted by Kevin Schlanser
Subjects Apprehended A Bird in a Cage Falling You
Psychological Torture Brahms Piano Sonata #3 in F Minor Op. 5 4th Mvt., A Bird in a Cage Andreas Haefliger, Falling You
Communication Terminated A Bird in a Cage, Fallen Gods Falling You, Rapoon
Missing Days Michael C.Layne
Lying Bastards Spanish Ballad Jeff Wahl
Spring Break Sucks Usar el Bano o Hacer el Amor Arthur Yoria
Apology Accepted? Jota Richard Savino
He's a monster, I promise!! The Hypnotist The Psychokinetics
Running For Life Suerte Mijo Arthur Yoria
Quitting The Sauce The Vegas Psycho Kevin Schlanser
What Happened to Us??? Irish Dreams Kevin Schlanser
No Trespassing Mission Totally Possible Kevin Schlanser
I Know What Boys Like Artificial The West Exit
Comfort Food I Miss You Chase Emery
My Sister = Slut This Old Machine Coconut Records
Oh, The Places You'll Go We All Fall Down Janell Marie
Sing With Me The Hymn Kevin Schlanser
Be Part of Something The Hymn Kevin Schlanser
Opening the Box Shoot to Kill Jared Scharff and the Royals
Entertaining Myself Stereo Jared Scharff and the Royals
HOLY SH%T!!! Discovery Kevin Schlanser
Everybody Does It ;) Symphonies Jared Scharff and the Royals
Like A Virgin Strange Feeling in the Night Lucy Schwartz
My Eternal Song The Hymn Kevin Schlanser
A New Lead Down With Her Rocket City Riot
The Mad Scientist Confrontational Jared Scharff and the Royals
Sweating Bullets Spank You Marginal Prophets
FOLLOW YOUR HAPPINESS The Hymn Kevin Schlanser
Rockin' the Boat Said Jack Zerby
Look Back The Hymn: Remix Kevin Schlanser
Dude Back Off Something Must Be Wrong Arthur Yoria
Going Back to Cali Galaxy Northern Room
All Wet Prelude No. 15 in A Minor Jan Hanford
I'm Here To Help The Hypnotist The Psychokinetics
Hope He's Not Mad City of Anger Mercy Machine
Sing Until The End The Hymn Kevin Schlanser
We Have A Plan Westchester The Seldon Plan
Mission Alpha Sync or Swim (Breakshop Studios Mix) Artemis
Mission Beta Sun of Many Maps Zilla
Mission Gamma Moonrise Yongen
The Serum Sideways Antiguru
No Girls Allowed Goodbye Marisa Arthur Yoria
lonelygirl15 Season 1 Recap The Hymn, Prom Night, Rachmaninov - To thee we sing, Happy After All, Hypodermic, Ghostly Feeling, New Rage, Parallels, Red Dragon vs. Phoenix, I Miss You, Sanctum, Last Embrace, Khomat, Waking Atlas, Butterfly, Nobody Knows, Dragon and Sword, Breathing Gold Kevin Schlanser, Skitzo, Kyiv Chamber Choir, Amelia, Rocket City Riot, Beight, Electric Frankenstein, Beight, Solace, Chase Emery, Rapoon, Northern Room, Rapoon, Christopher of the Wolves, Christopher of the Wolves, 508 Disturbance, Solace, Rapoon
lonelygirl15 Season Finale 3 of 12 – 10 am Sexy Ima Robot
lonelygirl15 Season Finale 5 of 12 - 12 pm This Way Jets Overhead
lonelygirl15 Season Finale 11 of 12 – 6 pm Tigers Lisa DeBenedictis
lonelygirl15 Season Finale 12 of 12 - 7 pm Chip off the Block Ima Robot

Season 2

Vlog Song Artist
Speak to Me! Don't Do Me No Harm Beight
I'm Done Exceptional Jared Scharff and The Royals
Back to Work Be Warned Golden Shoulders
Remember Them? La Rezisto Darren Boling
Sexy Librarian ;) Stop Talking The Hymns
Way of the Gun Way of the Gundagai Darren Boling
A Family Affair Shoot to Kill Jared Scharff and the Royals
Who's Next? Pris Darren Boling
Drunken Yodeling Screaming's Not an Option The Grey Race
Home Invasion Praise Lord from the Heavens (Rachmaninov) Kyiv Chamber Choir
Grand Canyon Losing It All Ima Robot
Shadow of Death Our Silent Ways Jade Leary
Help Us! The Messenger Darren Boling
Last Train To... Selector A Go Dub It, Something About Eve Burning Babylon, Falling You
Spreading the Song Tied Kokoon
Living with Girls In The Middle Beight
Stakeout... With A Girl Persian Mafia, Driving Long Distance I Heart Robots, Jack Zerby
Robbing the Cradle Listen Up Baby Electric Frankenstein
Join Me! Unknown Darren Boling
My School Project Coolin' Out ,Waitin' Destruments, Choklate
Batting Practice An Angel Ameliorate Falling You
Battle of the Sexes DWTS Sissy Wish
lonelygirl15 Season Two... So Far Way of the Gundagai, The Resistance Theme, Moonrise, Greek Archaic, Bones Darren Boling, Darren Boling, Yongen, Arthur Yoria, Mercy Machine
Cat Hunt An Angel Ameliorate Falling You
Around the World Oklahoma Sissy Wish
Sarah and the City Isn't What You Want It Coynil
Connections Rufus Zilla
Gay or Not? Parkton Special Burning Babylon
They're Gone Bodies and Minds Great Lake Swimmers
Would you pick me up? Unconscious Alliance General Fuzz
Eat Pie Lost to the Lonesome Pela
Can't Sleep. Wanna chat? After the Shock Safe Home
Playing Doctor Lido in the Morning General Fuzz
Germ Warfare Attack Aquarium Nosaj Thing
Rebound Action I Am Not A Shipwright Ancient Free Gardeners
Tired of B*tches Collecting Clouds Caution Cat
A Girl Alone Crazy Beth Quist
Being Stalked Fingal's Cave Richard Savino
Cream or Sugar? Hippie Priest Bum-Out James Murphy & Pat Mahoney
Attracted to Danger The Sheet Apteka

Season 3

Vlog Song Artist
Playing With Wood On a Whim Flying Machines
Hot Tubbing The Line Something For Rockets
Coming For You The Sheet Apteka
Spicing Things Up Renegade Mackenzie 1st
At the Beach Slack-Jaw, I Can't Wait Caution Cat, Chase Emery
Tangled Web Cheekbone Hallows The Childballads
Spanish Princess Don't Get Attached to the World Jared Scharff & The Royals
Coffee and Donuts Sparks Brandon Butler
Mexican Mating Machine Company Picnic Caution Cat
It's The Doing That Matters Market Place Clay Bell
Through My Eyes I Dream Of Raw Sewage Tommy Slax
Girl, Returned Orange Tree Hayley Taylor
Recovered Memory Better That Way (acoustic) Janell Marie
I'm On Fire Livin' It Up Warner Drive
Fries And A Shakedown Hypodermic Rocket City Riot
A Stranger Calls When Paper Cuts Scissors Battle Alaska
Varsity Blues Anna Paperworks
Morning Glory Various Stages Great Lake Swimmers
Cruisin' With The Ladies Dizzy Revival
Adios Amigos Won't Do J. Dilla
Mmm Beer! Pressure Tones Burning Babylon
Beach Party Centipede Caution Cat
Raise The Roof Five Star Fall, Making Me Nervous (Minimal Saturation Mix), No More Five Star Fall, Brad Sucks, Norine Braun
We Will Fight Nervous Breakdown, Allegro Mackenzie 1st, Duo De Bois
Corn Nuts Segue Curandero
Casting Couch Last Resort Mountain Mirrors
Satan's HQ Bite your nose Burnshee Thornside
Stiff Field of Grass Mountain Mirrors
Operation Emma Turn The Light On Five Star Fall
Girl Grown Up Handshake Smiles Arthur Yoria
Backyard Bikini Patrol Ain't Cheap Trip Hizzle
Sticks & Stones The Sidewinder Comes Calling Caution Cat
Cabin Fever Cool Stars, Knock on Wood Caution Cat, Eric Lyman
Dressing Room Hi-Jinks Jazz House Wicked Allstars
Partner Swap Can't Stand Myself Last Amanda
Prom: It's To Die For - Part 1 Order & Delicate, Star Dot Star & Turn The Light On, Do It (Back to 80's Remix), Never Get Out The Kokoon, Five Star Fall, Mendez & Muna, Brad Sucks
Prom: It's To Die For - Part 2 Headphones & Star Dot Star, Face, Never Get Out Five Star Fall, The Kokoon, Brad Sucks
Prom: It's To Die For - Part 3 How Do I Work This, Face & Delicate, Never Get Out The Kokoon, Brad Sucks
Prom: It's To Die For - Part 4 Order, How Do I Work This & Delicate, Turn The Light On, Never Get Out The Kokoon, Five Star Fall, Brad Sucks
A Woman Scorned A Rhyming Dictionary The Seldon Plan
Evergreen Saves the Day Stereo Jared Scharff & The Royals
Boy Tied Up Your Sacred Space, Sidewinder Mountain Mirrors
Getting Wet Ki Etsi Teliosame Kourkoulis Nikos
Cold War Revisited Waiting on the Stairs Pela
Nasty Bite Game Over Last Amanda
Words of Wisdom Afterlife Mountain Mirrors
I Have A Confession Massachusetts Emma Burgess
Breaking Up? Broken Warner Drive
Going Down Ki Etsi Teliosame Kourkoulis Nikos
A New Direction After the Shock Safe Home
No Way To Live Aras Curandero
Reclaim My Identity? To Let Myself Go Ane Brun
Dangerous Injection! La Sirene dort La Laque
Rooftop Brawl Entity Bjorn Fogeberg
Handcuffed Night Music The Autumns
Shaken Up Strange Feeling in the Night Lucy Schwartz
Grave Drawings Stop Talking Hymns
We're Screwed! Places Everyone Arthur Yoria
9:00 AM I Dream Of Raw Sewage Tommy Slax
2:00 PM Happy Sound Brandon Butler

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